Cheap student food staples
How to cook meals on a student friendly budget.
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Forget those trusty two-minute noodles, you can still eat well while on a student-friendly budget. We've listed some ingredients and some meal ideas to help you out.


Oats can be used in so many ways, not just plain old porridge. You can create so many tasty things just by adding oats in, from muffins to pancakes, cookies and oat bars.


There are endless dishes that can be made with rice and there are so many combinations that can be created, you've just got to use your imagination. Fried rice, rice and beans, chicken and rice casserole, tuna and rice, Mexican rice, buddha bowls and rice pudding just to name a few.


Spag bol is a classic favourite, but there are other great alternatives to the dish. From mushroom pasta to pesto pasta, here's a list of cheap and healthy pasta-centric meals you can make.


Wraps are a great staple to have in your cupboard and are an easy option to have for lunch or dinner. Here's a list of different combinations you can have and they don't take long to make at all.

Tinned fish

While tinned fish might not sound appealing, there are ways that you can add it to delicious meals. Tinned tuna or salmon in a salad with your choice of dressing is an easy and healthy meal, while adding it into a pasta bake is another easy option.

Frozen veggies

Frozen veggies are great to add to your dishes, they are cost-effective and still nutritious. Pick the packs of veggies that you know you'll actually eat and serve them up with potatoes and your choice of meat for an easy dish.


Eggs are a versatile staple that is great to have around. You could make an omelette and add some veggies in for a quick dinner option or some bacon and egg muffins for breakfast.

Meal prepping and meal plans are a great way to save money, as well as visiting farmers' markets to buy cheaper produce. Make sure you don't shop when you're hungry as that's when you'll end up finding heaps of unnecessary items in your cart that you really didn't need. If you find you've made too much of a meal, freeze the leftovers so you don't have any waste.

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Information sourced from: BBC Good Food

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