How to make the most of O-Week
Stay safe and have fun at O-Week.
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Whether it's your first year at uni or you're a few years down the track, O-Week is a great way to dive into the university experience. By getting involved, you'll be sure to meet a wide range of people, make some new friends and learn about the different activities your uni has to offer.

Go to events and join clubs

Events and clubs are a great way to meet new people. During O-Week there should be an opportunity to explore different clubs in the form of a Market Day where you can talk to people and sign up to an array of clubs. There will also be heaps of O-Week events to go to, so check out your university website for more information. If you're nervous about making friends, going to O-Week events is a great way to meet new people in fun and relaxed environments.

Get organised

Now is the perfect time to get ready for the new year, make sure you've got your student card set up and that you have your timetable sorted for all of your classes. Now is also a great time to test out your commute time, whether you're driving in or catching public transport, as knowing the best route will save you time on your first day.

Take a campus tour

Getting your bearings around your uni is a smart thing to do before you start your classes. That way you won't be that person that comes barging into the packed lecture hall 15 minutes late to class.

Make the most of the freebies

Whether it's free food or goodie bags, you'll find clubs and societies handing out free stuff throughout O-Week. Make the most of it and grab what you can!

Stay safe

While you're out having fun at all of your O-Week events, make sure you're staying safe at the same time. Always keep an eye on your friends and watch your drinks, and make sure you have a designated driver or can catch an Uber or taxi to get home. You can use the Track my journey or Check on me features in the Sonder app to make sure you get home safely.

If you have any questions or need extra support, we're here to help you anytime in any language. Simply start a chat with us via the home screen of the Sonder app.

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