Budgeting after the holidays
Tips on how to get your finances back in shape.
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While you might have splurged a bit too much over the festive season, now's the time to get a handle on your money. Don't be afraid to open your bank app and see what the damage is. The sooner you know what you're working with, the sooner you can get back on track with your budget.

Stick to your payments

Make sure you're sticking to your scheduled payments on time. You don't want to get behind and find yourself heading into 2023 with a load of debt. Avoid delaying payments as the backlog will eventually come back to bite you after a while.

Don't fall for the sales

They might entice you with their flashy signs and increasing discounts, but beware, the more unnecessary stuff you buy in this sales period the less you'll have to put toward your next goal. You can surely miss out on those new pair of shoes or that upgraded air fryer you've been eyeing.

Make a list

If you actually do need to purchase a few items while you're out amidst the sales, make a list of things that you want. Prioritise them to make sure you're only getting the necessary items you need this time around.

Let people know

There's no shame in letting people know that you're trying to save or are on a budget. If your friends are constantly inviting you out for drinks, let them know that you're on a budget. You can still go out and have fun but just keep an eye on your bank balance while you're at it.

Carry cash

An easy way to curb unnecessary spending is by carrying cash on you, that way you may be less likely to overspend than if you're using your card. Take out a certain amount of cash you need when shopping and stick to it. Make a promise to yourself that you can't go over that amount.

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