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South Australia 'extreme speeding' laws
South Australia 'extreme speeding' laws
South Australia police can now immediately cancel a driver's licence in circumstances of 'extreme speed'.
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Following the passing of new laws in December 2021, South Australian drivers caught driving at "extreme speeds" could have their licence immediately cancelled on the spot by the police.

"Extreme speed" is defined as:

  • Driving at 55km/hr or more above the legal limit in a zone marked 60km or less.

  • Driving at 80km/hr or more above the legal limit in a zone marked above 60km.

In addition to the cancellation of their driver's licence, guilty parties can be jailed for up to three years and face a minimum two-year loss of their licence for a first offence. The licence disqualification period rises to five years for a subsequent offence, and a maximum jail sentence of five years may also be imposed in some circumstances.

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Information sourced from: South Australia Police and

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