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Be aware of what to look out for.
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A myGov scam is doing the rounds, with an email being sent out that claims that the recipient has an outstanding refund from myGov.

If you receive one of these emails and are unsure whether it's a scam or not, look out for the following clues:

  • The email subject will be all in lowercase.

  • The logo at the top of the email will be too big for the screen and will be quite pixelated.

  • Keep a look out for the type of language that is used in the email, for example, no government agency has a department called “Refund Service.”

  • Always check the sender's email address and details and check with myGov directly to see if it's a legitimate email address.

  • Check for any spelling mistakes in the email.

  • When unsure, always check back with myGov directly.

  • NEVER click on the links provided.

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Information sourced from: Scamwatch

Image credit: myGov

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