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Have you thought much about your social media footprint and the trail you leave behind online after every post you make or photo you upload? While you might have thought that comment you posted on Twitter at the time was funny, it might come across as tone deaf ten years later. Or if you're job searching especially, your social media accounts may be perused by future potential bosses who may not take kindly to you disparaging your old boss on Facebook. To help you keep your social media footprint damage free, it's wise to take the following advice.

Do a deep dive on yourself

While your social media skills may be good when it comes to finding other people, how are you when it comes to finding your old accounts? Google your own name and see what comes up in the search results. Do you really want to be known for that cringey post or website you made seven years ago? Now's the time to reassess and make sure that what's showing up for you is what you want to be known for.

Delete old unused accounts

Scour through your old emails and try and find accounts you signed up for, Maybe it's an old abandoned Twitter account or a TikTok account you got bored of. Cleaning out your old accounts can help you avoid any nasty surprises that may pop up, whether that's old posts or images that you may have forgotten all about.

Turn on private

Make sure you're keeping your social accounts, such as Facebook and Instagram on private. This ensures you're only sharing content with people you know and outsiders can't see what you've been up to. Especially for Facebook, you can go one step ahead and remove yourself from any tagged photos you appear in or even hide your profile from Google searches.

Watch what you post

It comes as no surprise that people can often say the wrong things online and when it's been posted on social media, everyone can see it and respond. So, it's extremely important that you're watching what you say online, don't post something that you could regret later on. Also, consider the types of photos you post as even your profile picture could cause a stir as it's often still able to be seen with privacy settings turned on.

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