You've found a great share house or you're moving out on your own. Congrats! Fleeing the nest can be an exciting experience full of new responsibilities and freedom. If you're feeling a little unsure of what to expect and what to look out for when you're making the big move, we've listed some must-know tips.

The importance of budgeting

You're so close to complete freedom, but with so much freedom comes responsibilities. While it may be tempting to spend all your hard-earned cash on expensive clothes, furniture or celebrations, now's the time to actually make a budget. Make sure you've considered all aspects of moving, from getting enough money to cover the bond and first few weeks of rent, to installation fees for the internet and any monthly or quarterly bills that come along such as electricity or water.

Keep your family close

If you're lucky enough to have a strong relationship with your fam, and live within a close distance of them, make sure you set up regular visits so you're still keeping them close. Whether that's a weekly Sunday evening dinner or meeting up for brunch once a month. You may feel as if you don't need your parents as much anymore, but there will be times when they will be your first port of call.

If you've moved interstate or overseas, overcome the challenges of physical distance by setting up a regular time to check in with your family and friends via video or phone.

Take control of your diet and sleep

Just because you can taste freedom doesn't mean you need to go and taste all of the takeaway stores in your new street! Sooner or later the novelty of getting to choose whatever you want to eat will wear off, especially if you're choosing junk food all of the time. You'll end up feeling fatigued and sickly, and will want to change tack after a while. If you've moved into a share house, you'll also save money by pooling funds into a shared food kitty. Agree with your housemates what your regular pantry items will be, and whether there are any dietary restrictions. Take turns in doing the grocery shopping, and if you like eating together, take turns in cooking shared meals as well. Make sure you're cooking nutritious meals and aim for five doses of veggies and two doses of fruit a day.

Another factor to think about is sleep. Sure you have the opportunity to stay up until 1am binge watching The Office, but you'll soon find it necessary to get those extra hours of sleep, especially if you're studying or working the next day.

Talk it out

Whether that's with your housemates or with your family, it's important that you're setting boundaries and having proper conversations with the people in your life. Maybe your housemates are inconsiderate and loud when you're trying to sleep or your family keeps wanting to pop around every second day. Try your best to have those difficult conversations in a calm and diplomatic way so all parties involved can come to a fair compromise.

Ask for help

There's no shame at all in asking for help, if you're short on rent, feeling a bit lonely or need help moving your stuff, ask your trusted family and friends for advice or support. You can also contact the team at Sonder if you're struggling with homesickness or just need help in general in navigating your first time out of home.

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