New Zealand has launched its first nationwide tsunami evacuation map that enables you to enter your address to find out if you're in a tsunami evacuation zone, where to go to stay safe, and instructions directing you to in-depth local evacuation information.

Developed by the NZ National Emergency Management Agency as the first of its kind for the whole country, this map brings together the data of the 16 regional evacuation maps and local evacuation information. As regional information is updated, the national tsunami evacuation map will be updated as well.

The NZ tsunami evacuation map is a big step towards making things easier for people to know where their closest safe ground is, and to have a plan to get there. It's recommended that those living in a tsunami evacuation zone regularly practice their evacuation route or ‘tsunami hīkoi'.

Large yellow buoys are also in place and are responsible to help alert authorities when a tsunami is on its way. It's very important to note that this NZ tsunami evacuation map does not provide information about current tsunami warnings.

Tsunami warnings and advisories are provided on the NZ National Emergency Management Agency website here and shared on radio and TV. Some people may also receive advice from their local civil defence emergency management group and receive an Emergency Mobile Alert.

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