With summer in full swing in the northern hemisphere, more people are taking time off now that travelling is back on the cards again. It’s probably been a while since you’ve booked a trip overseas, so it’s no surprise that you may have forgotten some important things. While safety may not be on the top of your list of things to consider, you should still stay aware and keep some tips and advice in mind so your holiday can be as smooth as can be.

Get travel insurance

One of the most important things you’ll need to purchase when you go travelling is insurance. Travel insurance gives you that peace of mind when you’re roaming around overseas, especially if you’re a thrill seeker or adventure hunter. Research insurance plans and choose one that best correlates with your travel itinerary. Never take your health for granted, you’ll be thankful if you have to use it while overseas and won’t have to take a big bill home with you.

Make copies of your documents

If worse comes to worse and your bag is stolen, then your documents may be gone for good. This is why not only is it wise to make multiple copies of your documents but to also keep them saved electronically so you’ll always have copies of them. You can email yourself copies of your passport, plane tickets, immunisation record, travel insurance information and visas.

Don’t keep things in your pockets

Keeping things in your pockets, whether that’s your phone or wallet, can be an easy target for pickpockets to steal. Pickpockets especially, target tourists, as some people aren’t aware that the places they are travelling to are popular pickpocket spots. Don’t keep anything in your pockets and ensure that your bag is securely fastened and always in your line of sight.

COVID-19 rules

Know what the COVID-19 restrictions are for your destination country and also for when you return to your own country. Have plans in place in case your travel is impacted by any closures or movement restrictions. Getting an international COVID-19 vaccination certificate is also wise as it’s a way to prove your COVID-19 vaccination history when travelling across borders overseas.

Research the culture

Make sure you do some research before your trip so you’re well aware of the culture and what is considered right and wrong. Some tiny gesture that may not mean much back home, may just end up being highly offensive in your destination country. Also try and learn some of the language so you can converse with locals, instead of expecting them to be able to speak English.

Keep your expensive goods at home

Leave your flashy jewellery, electronics and designer clothes at home. By wearing expensive items, you may be a red hot target for thieves or you could just end up losing them. So it’s best to take things which you won’t be absolutely devastated to lose.

Stay safe at night

Try your best not to walk alone at night, and splurge on reliable transport that can get you home safely. You can still use Sonder if you need to find a local service in your destination country as our team can provide you with details of, for example, a doctor's surgery or the nearest police station.

If you have any questions or need extra support, we're here to help you anytime, in any language. Simply start a chat with us via the home screen of the Sonder app.

Information sourced from: International Insurance

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