Social media has undoubtedly changed the way of the world, allowing for more connection and less isolation. It’s created jobs that we never knew could have existed and allowed strangers to become friends regardless of distance. But beyond the positive side of social media, there’s also a side that can bring about uncomfortable feelings of comparison. And let's face it, the amount of sleep we've lost scrolling through TikTok at 2am is more than we’d like to admit. In order for you to have a healthy relationship with social media, there are some habits you can take on board.

Unfollow accounts

Do a social media cleanse and go through your follow list. Unfollow every account that makes you feel bad about yourself, inadequate or that doesn’t match up with your values. Curate your list so it’s full of faces and places you’ll actually want to see everyday and not things which will bring your mood down.

Try not to compare

We all do it sometime or another, comparing ourselves and our lives to the constant highlight reels we see online. Whether it's our bodies or our personalities, we judge ourselves based on what we see on Instagram or Facebook. It’s hard to step back and realise that what's posted online doesn’t portray the whole story. In between the fancy holidays and six pack abs, there’s struggles and unrealistic expectations hidden behind the screens.

To reduce this constant comparison you can curate your feed to only include accounts which don’t induce envy and reduce your screen time so it's not filling up your brain all the time. You can even go one step further and find out why you feel the way you do, talking to a psychologist or even a Sonder team member can be useful in figuring it out.

Reduce screen time

Actually reducing the amount of time spent on social media is easier said than done. It doesn’t take much for a quick scroll to turn into a two hour binge fest. Set time limits on certain apps which you know are your kryptonite and/or even go the extra mile and delete them from your phone.

If you don’t think you can manage that, you can always keep them on your computer or other device such as an iPad, so you don’t have to have it on your phone and you’re not tempted to open it. If you’re up for it, maybe even take a couple days off social media. Yes, we mean no Instagram stories or food pics. While it may be a strange experience at first, we’re confident you can do it!

Replace social media with something else

Surely your only hobby can’t just be social media consumption? A good way to create a healthy relationship with it, is to find other ways you can spend your time, whether that’s reading, baking, rock climbing or even simply chatting with friends (in real life!). Whatever way makes you happy and gets you off your phone more often.

If you’re feeling like social media has taken over more of your life then you’d like it to, it’s worth reaching out for help. Contact a psychologist or speak to one of our Sonder team members who can help.

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