An online scam has risen up, infiltrating businesses around the world by using social media sites. High-profile hacking group Lazarus has been using LinkedIn and WhatsApp as their primary source of access.

They create fake high-profile companies (or contractors) and send private messages to people, offering job opportunities in their related field. They even share real job ads in an effort to get people to contact them and then offer them a link to a document to find out more about the "job". This document is usually a Microsoft word document that contains malicious code within it, but it might also be sent as a zip file due to companies often flagging word document links early.

Google also found recently that Lazarus was targeting hundreds of people across the media and technology sectors, impersonating recruiters from Disney, Google and Oracle with job offers in emails.

If you're active on LinkedIn or WhatsApp, always be sceptical of private messages where something is being offered and never click a link you don't trust, especially if it's to a word document or zip file.

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Information sourced from: ZDnet

Image credit: Nathana Rebouças on Unsplash

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