Are you worried about asking for help from Sonder because you're not confident in your English and would rather speak in your own language?

Don't worry, Sonder is here to help you in your preferred language, by live chat and phone. Here's how it works.

Using live chat in the Sonder app

From the home screen of the Sonder app, simply start a chat with us in your preferred language. Our system will automatically detect the language you're using and will translate immediately to our team in real time. When they reply, you'll also receive their responses in your language. There's no need to change the settings on your phone - our technology will do the work for you!

Calling Sonder on your phone

Sonder has partnered with a company called Ezispeak, whose translators can be on the line to support you when you want to speak to someone. You can either call us via the app and let us know your preferred language, and we can dial in Ezispeak - or you can start off by calling Ezispeak directly by doing the following:

  1. Call +61 3 9007 2752. This will connect you to EziSpeak

  2. Select from one of the top nine languages:

    • For Mandarin, press '1'

    • For Cantonese, press '2'

    • For Bengali, press '3'

    • For Thai, press '4'

    • For Arabic, press '5'

    • For Vietnamese, press '6'

    • For Italian, press '7'

    • For Hindi, press '8'

    • For Korean, press '9

    • For all other languages, press '0' and a customer service rep will help you

  3. Once a language has been selected, EziSpeak will find an interpreter and they will call Sonder.

  4. When EziSpeak has contacted Sonder, both you and the interpreter will be on the phone to us ready to speak.

Please note that you will have to pay the international calling rates if you're directly calling EziSpeak from outside Australia. However if you use the 'call' button within the Sonder app, you won't be charged international calling rates.

If you have any questions or need extra support, we're here to help you anytime in any language. Simply start a chat with us via the home screen of the Sonder app to connect to our team of qualified, caring health professionals.

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