Taking care of yourself and others while on a night out should always be at the forefront of your mind. It's important to be aware of your surroundings so you can avoid any harmful actions such as drink spiking.

What is drink spiking?

Drink spiking occurs when alcohol or drugs have been added to someone's drink without their knowledge or approval. If a person's drink has been spiked, they can become vulnerable to harmful actions such as sexual assault or robbery. To ensure your safety when you're out, it's vital that you follow the necessary tips:

  • Plan out where you're going for the night and let your family or friends know where and when.

  • Keep track of your drinks and never leave them unattended, if you're offered a drink, go with the person to the place where the alcohol is being served so you can see the drink being poured or opened.

  • If you're by yourself and feel confused, sick, faint or uncoordinated make sure you either seek assistance from staff or phone someone you trust and don't try to leave on your own.

  • Keep an eye on your friends and make sure they're staying safe while out. Stay with your friend if they feel unwell and get them to a safe place. If they are unconscious or vomiting, seek medical assistance by calling an ambulance on triple zero '000' in Australia or triple one '111' in New Zealand.

  • Use the 'Check on me' feature in the Sonder app if you would like us to check on you throughout the night. Set a time in the app that you'd like us to check you're okay, and if you don't respond to our message we'll give you a call. If we still can't reach you, we will send someone to your location to make sure you're okay.

How do I know if a drink has been spiked?

You may not be able to see, smell or taste if your drink has been spiked and the drug used or extra alcohol added in may be colourless and odourless. But there are some warning signs that might indicate that your drink has been spiked:

  • Feeling ill, dizzy or faint

  • Feeling drunk even if you've only had a little bit to drink

  • Feeling sleepy

  • Passing out

  • Waking up with memory blanks about the night before when you didn't drink a lot

What to do if your drink is spiked?

Seek assistance from staff or someone you trust to help you get to a safe place. Go to the emergency department of the nearest hospital if you're feeling unwell or if you've been assaulted. Drink spiking is a serious issue - if you need help but are unable to call or chat, use the 'Send a help alert' feature from the home screen of the app.

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If you have any questions or need extra support, we're here to help you anytime in any language. Simply start a chat with us via the home screen of the Sonder app to connect to our team of qualified, caring health professionals.

Information sourced from: Police NSW and Police VIC

Image credit: Stanislav Ivanitskiy on Unsplash

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