5 ways to beat procrastination
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It’s Sunday afternoon and your assignment is due at midnight, yet you’ve barely even started. If this seems to be a regular occurrence for you, you’re not alone. It’s shown that 80 to 95 per cent of uni students engage in procrastination and approximately 75 per cent consider themselves procrastinators.

It’s no wonder procrastination can get to the best of us, it really doesn’t take much for us to find ourselves immersed in a three-hour TikTok binge instead of studying. And with the number of distractions available, it’s easy to get caught up in the next idea, task or coffee break. If you’re getting frustrated with yourself over your lack of discipline and want to turn your efficiency up a notch, we’ve got some tips that may just help.

Break large tasks into actionable steps

It makes sense that a large project or task can seem overwhelming and naturally one which you want to delay as long as possible. But by creating small steps within the overall project, you can begin to better manage the process. Regardless of how small the step may be, write it down and schedule in dates that you'll need it done by so you can continue to work through each of the other steps. It will save you so much time and stress, as you won't be leaving everything until the last minute.

Pomodoro technique

If you’re struggling to stay motivated and focused on your work, try a little time management technique called the Pomodoro technique. It breaks time up into 25-minute chunks separated by a five-minute break, with the idea behind it being that the 25 minutes promotes a sense of urgency, allowing you to get more work done. This tried and true technique has helped many to combat restlessness and actually get some work done.

Reward yourself for your accomplishments

It could be an episode of your favourite tv show or a piece of cake, whatever it is make sure you treat yourself after you’ve completed a difficult task. Before you start the task, have that reward at the back of your mind so you know what you’ve got to look forward to.

Eliminate distractions from your environment

A simple scroll on Facebook can end up eating into a chunk of your study time without you even realising it. So your best bet is to put your phone on aeroplane mode for however long you need to complete the task and then put it away in another room. This way it will be out of sight and out of mind, and you’ll be less tempted to use it.

Complete the tough tasks first

Try your best to complete your most dreaded tasks first, that way you’ll feel a sense of relief when it’s finally completed. You’ll also get to spend more time on the tasks you actually enjoy without worrying about the difficult ones.

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