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Building friendships at work should be high on your to-do list, as it can boost your mood, enhance productivity, lift morale and help your career growth. And without work friendships, hours at work would pass by so much slower and with less intriguing conversations! If you haven't found your work besties just yet, don’t worry, we’ve got some tips so you can find your tribe in no time.

Introduce yourself

Whether you’re a newbie in your job or not, introduce yourself whenever you see a new face. And try to learn and use the names of other people. Not only will you get to better know the lay of the workplace land, you’ll also create initial connections that can grow into quality friendships.

Say hello and goodbye

Conversation tends to develop naturally if you speak to your workmates everyday. Such a simple trick, but saying hello and goodbye everyday creates familiarity which can strengthen your connections. So whether you are working via video call, online chat or you are in the workplace and they're standing right beside you, get your hi's and bye's in each day!

Show interest

Most people love to talk about themselves, so being interested in another person is a good way to get the connection flowing. You can do this by asking questions about the other person's weekend or upcoming plans, and then try to follow up on the big things happening in your workmates' lives.

Be positive

Having a positive attitude is contagious and the brighter you are, the more chance that the people you work with will want to be around you. Be aware of your body language: relax, smile, nod and make eye contact to project that positive vibe.

Offer to help

Offering to help your manager or colleagues can win you some brownie points, while also making their working life a bit easier. They will remember your gesture, and may end up returning the favour one day when you're under the pump. Win win!

Plan activities outside of work

Find some common ground then plan some activities around it. It might be organising a soccer game every Wednesday night or monthly trivia. Or it might be grabbing lunch or a coffee together. Whatever you choose can be a great way to build a bond and get to know your workmates on a deeper, friendlier level.

Celebrate your colleagues' wins

Show some love and congratulate your workmate who’s achieved something big or small, either inside or outside of work. Maybe they’ve completed a task in record time, won an award or graduated from their course. Whatever it is, show your support and cheer them on. Your connection will build as a result.

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