Another day, another disgruntled customer. Whether it’s an unwanted pickle in their burger or the wrong type of sauce, it can be hard to please everyone!

We know that working in fast food can lead to some unsavoury characters who will test your every nerve. It's hard work being on the receiving end of customer aggression, and unfortunately some customers just aren’t aware that their behaviour is rude and disrespectful. While no-one deserves to be treated disrespectfully, we advise against seeking revenge! Instead here are some more helpful ways to manage times when customers become a bit too much to handle.

Stay calm

If a customer starts yelling at you, do you:

a) Throw fries at them

b) Stay calm and listen to their request

c) Yell back at them to see who can yell the loudest

While you may feel like throwing fries at them or yelling back, please don’t. Obviously the best way to handle this situation is to stay calm and listen to what they’re saying. Showing that you're listening to the customer by asking questions and letting them know that you understand their frustration can help to calm them down…hopefully.

Offer a fix to their problem

Whether that’s adding another sweet and sour into their bag or upgrading their meal, offering to fix their problem will often be your ticket out of this mess. Most people just want to be acknowledged and heard, so show that you care and understand by offering to help fix their problem.

Seek out your manager

If you’re unsure of something, feel afraid or the customer is becoming more and more aggressive, go and get your manager. And if they become violent, the most important thing is to keep yourself and others safe. You’re not in a Marvel movie, so please call security or the police (or follow whatever your store's policy is).

It's common to feel a bit shaken up after an experience with an aggressive customer, so try to take a break to calm yourself before serving the next person. Sonder is also here to support you if you want to talk it through with someone.

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