5 ways to conquer new job anxiety
It's normal to feel nervous!
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Congrats on your new job!

You've been feeling super pumped, but as the start date approaches the nerves may have kicked in... If you’re questioning whether that’s normal... don’t worry, it totally is. Whether it’s your first job or your tenth, starting something new is a daunting experience. To help you shake off those new job jitters we’ve provided some tips you’ll want to take note of.

Talk it out

Have a conversation with trusted friends or family who have also started new jobs. You’ll often find they’ve faced the same concerns as you, and you’ll feel less alone. They may also be able to provide you with some tips that they’ve learned, as well as reassurance that this feeling of uncertainty is totally normal and only temporary.

Have a positive attitude

When we're feeling nervous or stressed our brains have a tendency to focus on negatives, which can lead us to worrying that things won't go well in our new job. Instead, try to maintain a growth mindset and focus on enjoying the learning and opportunities that will come your way.

Be professional

Being reliable, respectful, and showing up on time will help show others and yourself that you're a valuable asset, even if you're still feeling a bit out of your depth!

Ask questions

It’s common to feel like you’re failing in the early stages of starting a new job as there’s so much to take in and learn. But it takes time for things to click into place and your boss won’t expect you to know the ins and outs of everything on your first day, week or even in your first month. So ask lots of questions and take notes (to avoid having to ask the same question again and again!). You can look back over your notes while you settle in, and will be a pro in no time!

Get to know your teammates

Getting to know your teammates and building friendships within your workplace is a great way to get comfortable within a new job. The more faces you know and names you learn, the more at ease you'll feel. As an added bonus, your teammates can help you learn all the new skills and tricks, and can also provide insight on what helped them when they first started.

Remember, it’s common to feel awkward and uncertain when starting a new job and it will take time for you to settle in. If you’re still feeling anxious after a few months, then make sure you seek out support from your doctor or chat to us at Sonder.

If you have any questions or need extra support, we're here to help you anytime in any language. Simply start a chat with us via the home screen of the Sonder app.

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