Finding purpose in your work
How to find meaning and motivation in the work that you do.
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Having a sense of purpose in our lives can keep us motivated and is beneficial for our wellbeing. If you're finding yourself thinking that there must be more to life than what you're doing at the moment, then it may be time to dig deeper in order to find your sense of purpose.

Whether you're wanting to change your job or just looking for a new perspective on how you can get the most out of your work, we've provided some tips.

Remind yourself of the skills you bring

Whether you have a knack for closing a deal or exceptional organisational skills, recognising your talents can help you to see what you bring to the table. Reminding yourself of your values and your unique contributions can make you feel more fulfilled at work. If you’re unsure of all the skills you possess, ask your colleagues or family and friends and make sure you write them down so you can look back on them when you're feeling doubtful.

Find ways you can help others

It might be helping your colleagues with a project or even volunteering outside of work, but the simple act of helping others can provide you with a sense of purpose. Giving back, whether that’s your time or through donating resources or money can be beneficial for your overall health. According to research it can also reduce stress as well as improve mood, self-esteem and happiness.

Self reflection

Looking back over your career journey can provide you with some extremely helpful insight. For example, by understanding the reasons why you decided to pick one path over another or why you loved a certain aspect of a job can help you to pinpoint your purpose. For example if you liked working for a company that provides support to the disadvantaged, then you might find that your purpose is in helping others to live better lives. Just by questioning your decisions or what you liked and disliked about previous jobs can lead you closer to what you’re looking for.

Take on a new project

Working on something new within your job can help to spark that enthusiasm and motivation for your work again. Putting your hand up to help out on a project that might be outside your expertise or comfort zone could be just the challenge you're looking for. Taking on something new can refresh your passion for your role and can help you develop new skills that you may not have known about.

Connection is key

It’s hard to feel enthusiastic about your work when you’re isolated or have limited connection to your colleagues. That’s why having that sense of camaraderie is important within your workplace, as it makes it a more welcoming and pleasant place to be. Expressing gratitude towards your peers can also be a meaningful experience. According to Harvard Business Review, research shows that expressing gratitude grounds you and provides a counterbalance to the negativity that crisis and uncertainty generate. Try getting to know your colleagues better by scheduling in regular meetings or just by going on a coffee break together.

If you are lacking motivation or feeling unhappy at work for a longer period of time than normal, it may be wise to seek support. You can get help through your GP or through Sonder.

If you have any questions or need extra support, we're here to help you anytime in any language. Simply start a chat with us via the home screen of the Sonder app.

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