Perhaps you've just moved cities, states or even countries. And whilst the excitement of new surroundings seems as though it couldn't possibly wear off, the feelings of homesickness do creep in, and probably sooner than you might've expected.

They might feel all-encompassing, but there are some things you can do to remedy the sadness and swap it for happiness.

Think like a tourist

Sure you're not technically visiting your new 'hood, but that doesn't mean you can't explore it as you would on holiday.

Wander the local markets, bars and parks, ask locals themselves for their recommendations - most are happy to help. If you're on your own and need some company, consider joining a walking tour or even a foodie tour of the city or town you're in. Not only will you get to know your surroundings better, you may even make some great friends out of it.

Put social media to the side

Insider Guides' managing director, James Martin, suggests kicking your Facebook and Instagram to the curb - despite the urge to post all of your happy snaps from your new location.

"When I was abroad [in France], I was always checking Facebook and was sad to be missing all the parties and events with my friends at home," he says.

"When I got back, I realised I hadn’t really missed out on anything important. In fact, my friends wanted to see more of MY pictures and adventures!"

Essentially, stop worrying about what you're missing and start creating new memories and adventures yourself. But definitely keep taking those photos, even if they mightn't go on social media right away!

Stick to a routine

Whether it be walking to your favourite cafe to grab a coffee, going to an exercise class or writing in a journal before bed, creating daily routines can help you to focus on the present and take your mind off missing home.

"I’d get up and do a run and some exercises every day; then I’d make coffee and read for 20 minutes," adds James.

"It became a ritual, and I loved it. It took my mind off home for a while and allowed me just to enjoy life in this new moment."

Join a club or volunteer

Similar to the suggestion of joining a walking tour, you can also sign up to other social or volunteer groups in your new city that will help you get to know more people.

Listen to music

Whether it be something upbeat to take your mind off home, or perhaps some songs that remind you of home - listening to music that suits your mood can be a really helpful tool, not only to combat homesickness, but many other emotions.

Throw a dinner party

Invite your new friends over for a dinner party where everyone has to bring a dish that runs in their family or that reminds them of where they grew up. It's a sweet nod to home but also a great way to get to know each other more. You can share stories over the delicious meals you've created.

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