If your usual sleep patterns have been disrupted, here are some podcasts that may help you relax and fall asleep.

1. Sleep with Me

This podcast from Public Radio Exchange (PRX) advertises itself as a bedtime story that gets more boring as it goes along.

Narrator Drew Ackerman, who goes by the title “Dearest Scooter,” relates a variety of tedious subjects in a monotonous and detailed narrative style that’s purposely designed to cause your mind to wander from the actual subject matter of his tale and go to sleep.

2. Sleep Meditation Podcast

White noise is one of the most common sleep aids used by people who can’t sleep.

This podcast collects 30- to 60-minute clips of many relaxing and comforting sounds, from heavy thunderstorms and crackling campfires to household noises, like keyboards clacking and dishes clanking.

It also invites its listeners to share their favourite sleep sounds and have them featured on an episode. So, even though this podcast is relatively new and doesn’t have too many episodes as of this article’s publication, there’s tons of imaginative potential for future episodes.

There’s even an episode called “Captain’s Cabin,” which envisions what it might sound like to kick back inside a pirate ship out on calm seas.

Available on Apple, Stitcher and Spotify.

4. Wait Wait…Don’t Tell Me!

The long-running National Public Radio (NPR) news quiz “Wait Wait…Don’t Tell Me!” is a current events call-in game show so famous for its devotion to its weekly show format and revolving door of comedian guest panelists that host Peter Sagal has made jokes about its listeners at home falling asleep before the show ends.

Nearly every show features the same set of games, which include “Bluff the Listener” and “Listener Limerick Challenge.” Many regular panelists are trained speakers with big personalities. Their delivery styles toe the line between hilarious and soothing.

You’ll likely get both a good laugh and a deep snooze in between the guests’ absurd banter on world events and the show’s clockwork schedule.

5. Insight Timer

There are thousands of sleep meditations, talks, and music tracks designed to help calm the mind and relax the body in preparation for sleep. You'll be falling asleep in no time! This app also offers guided meditations and yoga.

If you're still struggling, try some of these tips:

  • Put down your phone/tablet/laptop one hour before bed. Dim the lights and read a book instead or listen to music.

  • Concentrate on your breathing using the 4-7-8 method.

  • If you end up having a late night, set an alarm to get up at a reasonable time (before 10am) no matter how tired you are to encourage your body to get into a healthy sleep routine. Avoid naps throughout the day as well.

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