If you're feeling bored during isolation, why not give some of the following activities a go?

Start a blog or journal

Writing down your thoughts is productive and feels good! You could set up a blog, so others can read about your experience, write in a word document on your laptop, or even just jot some thoughts down on paper. Whether you spend five minutes a day or longer, you'll also have a record of a time in your life that is unique in its challenges.

Learn something new

This could be a great time to learn that skill you've been meaning to master, but never had time to! There are so many things you can learn online that are often free and easily accessible through platforms like YouTube. Have you ever dreamed of becoming a Chess master, or learn a new language? Now is a great time to get started.

Complete a daily puzzle

Whether you do Sudoku, crosswords or a quiz, there are many different puzzles you can access online. Try setting aside 30 minutes aside each day to finish a new puzzle and increase your knowledge at the same time.

Listen to more music

Take the time to discover new music that you wouldn't usually listen to. You could check out classic hits or explore new sounds - how often do you get the time to immerse yourself in new genres? You might even discover a new favourite.

Call family or friends

In our busy lives, we can easily lose touch with people, so why not take this time to reach out to family and friends or reconnect with long-lost ones? Using social media, video calls or, email or phone, it's great to touch base and stay connected with other people.

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