Whether you're isolating, surrounded by terrible weather, or are in a new work-from-home routine, it can be difficult to maintain your physical fitness. But regardless of what's happening in your world, it’s very important for people of all ages and abilities to be as active as possible.

Just taking a short break from sitting, by doing 3-4 minutes of light intensity physical movement, such as walking or stretching, will help ease your muscles and improve blood circulation and muscle activity.

Regular physical activity can help give your days a routine. It’s also good for your mental health - reducing the risk of depression, cognitive decline and delay the onset of dementia - and improve overall feelings.

Stuck for ideas?

Here are some simple ways you can stay active at home:

  • If you need some motivation, follow an online exercise class. Take advantage of the wealth of online exercise classes. Many of these are free and can be found on YouTube such as The Body Coach, Joe Wicks. If you have no experience performing these exercises, be cautious and aware of your own limitations.

  • Even in small spaces, walking around or walking on the spot, can help you remain active. If you call family or friends, stand or walk around the room while you speak, instead of sitting down.

  • Don't forget part of staying physically well includes meditation and deep breathing to help you remain calm. You can access many free meditation guides on Youtube. You could also try Breathe2Relax app (available free from Google or the App Store) or the Headspace: Meditation and Sleep app (available from Google or the App Store).

Top tip: One workout a day might not be enough when you're stuck at home. You’ll need to actively prompt yourself to get up and move around throughout the day.

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Information sourced from: The World Health Organisation

Image credit: Photo by Conscious Design on Unsplash

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