How to get motivated
If you’re having trouble finding the means to become motivated, Sonder is here to help.
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If you’re struggling to get motivated, you’re not alone. Here at Sonder, we know that feeling unmotivated can be difficult to shake so we want to share some ways you can give yourself a boost.

What is motivation?

Motivation is the drive to achieve your goals or needs. It’s influenced by:

  • How much you want the goal

  • What you will gain

  • Your personal expectations

Why is motivation important?

Motivation is a key part of your daily life because it:

  • Provides you with goals to work towards

  • Helps you solve problems

  • Helps you change old habits

  • Helps you cope with challenges and opportunities

  • When you’re successful in reaching your goal, it feels great!

How to get motivated

If you’re having trouble finding ‘that spark’, try to:

  • Set yourself one specific, achievable goal; it helps if you write it down

  • Think about how to include that goal in your life, what you need to do to make it happen, and then put a timeframe on it (such as a week)

  • Depending on whether reaching the goal is a reward in itself, think about how you’ll reward yourself when you reach it

  • Break your goal into small, easy tasks and set regular reminders

  • Use your family and friends as support - tell them about your goals and encourage them to help you keep motivated

  • When you reach your goal, take the time to meaningfully consider how it made you feel - this can help you keep riding your motivation wave!

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