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How to relieve stress while working from home
How to relieve stress while working from home
Tips and strategies to help you manage working from home.
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With more and more people dealing with the realities of juggling home responsibilities with work responsibilities, and no clear line between the two, it's a perfect recipe for stress. Here are some ways you can take some pressure off yourself.

Step away from what you’re doing

Stepping away from the task you’re working on is one of the fastest ways to bring stress levels down. You simply need to shift your focus to something else. You could even try watching 15 minutes of a TV show or movie, then get back to work.

Change your surroundings

The change in surroundings will help you focus on something different. Sit by an open window if you don’t have any outdoor space. Another way to create change is to rearrange your working space or add something new like a plant or photo frame.

Move around

Movement is a great to reduce stress, and you should always incorporate short movement breaks into your work day. The key is just to move. Not only will movement help reduce stress, it helps prevent stiffness, headaches, and eye strain by ensuring you step away from your screen for at least a little bit of time each day.

Call a friend

Sometimes the best antidote for stress is simply talking it out with a friend. Pick up the phone and actually call or video chat with someone.

Be compassionate with yourself

It's important to be compassionate with yourself. You don’t have to be productive 100% of the time. Some days, just doing the absolute bare minimum is all that can be managed, and that’s perfectly okay. Give yourself permission to feel the stress, but don’t let it consume you. Tell yourself that it will pass and you’re strong enough to get through it.

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